Real Estate Services

We apply simple yet creative reasoning. It is the interaction with clients; investors and property owners that help us nurture revolutionary ideas.

Our diversity of background, industry-expertise and extended experience in the Real Estate market and a creative, forward-thinking and resilient attitude help us understand our client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

A full-service, client-driven boutique agency that places high priority on excellence, customer service and creating a personal connection with everything we do, being from selling a property, advising investors or creating client – focused products.

Interior Design & Architecture

Creating swoon-worthy spaces is our speciality. We pride ourselves on designing practical solutions for whatever the project requires.

Formulating conscious products orientated towards our clients needs. Our creative team´s attention to detail and meticulous care, result in luxurious bespoke interiors.

Each project is seamlessly executed and beautifully finished no matter how large or small.

Interior Architecture · Full renovation · Remodelling · Decoration & Furnishing

Concept & Branding

Combining our real estate knowledge with our creative and artful side to create outstanding concepts.

We believe inspired ideas result in inspired work. We value depth and integrity and only develop concepts we believe in. At Aelite Street, brand is the life of the company, demonstrated in the details. We do details.


We ask questions, create stories and make magic.

Bespoke Home Staging

When it comes to viewing a property, first impressions are always important. That is why we have a department specially dedicated to First Impressions.

We do it all – From design assessment, dressing and furnishing to full refurbishments.

Our creative team of professionals ultimately aims to complement and enhance your home as such in helping it achieve its full potential in the real estate market.

Our main role is to fuse our clients’ ideas and dreams, our creative flair and the functional requirements of the space to create a highly marketable product.

Property Management

Part of our aim is to provide our clients with peace of mind and that is why we have created a team specifically for this.

Our bespoke property management systems and experience staff can offer a service suited to any type of property and client.